24-7 Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire

Jon Baker
Jon Baker
Group Leader

Jon Baker




Where we meet

Lower End Road, ,
Milton Keynes,
MK17 8DA
(Map link on Postcode)

Forthcoming Events

Wavendon Golf Course
6 April 2017 07:00

Wavendon Golf Course
20 April 2017 07:00

Wavendon Golf Course
4 May 2017 07:00

Wavendon Golf Course
18 May 2017 07:00

About the Group

Inspiring and Enabling You to Make 2017 GREAT

Helping Micro Businesses and SME's in Milton Keynes... create more LEADS using SOCIAL MEDIA!

This group delivers high quality training on how to use Social Media and how to link Social media into your marketing strategy, so you can grow your business in a focussed way.

Our Milton Keynes group meets fortnightly on Thursdays at the Wavendon Golf Club, Wavendon, MK17 8DA.  There are regular LinkedIn Tutorial's, Social Networking Workshops (introducing new Social Networking Tools such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc). You’ll be bowled over by a very busy two hours, so come with your thinking head already turned on and enjoy a great breakfast.

24-7 Business Networking provide a range of support, training and coaching in Networking and Social Networking skills and technologies.

Jon Baker is the Group Director. Jon specialises in helping professionals grow their firms from 5-50 employees, profitably and sustainably. Social Media is a key part of what Jon teaches his clients and you can gain from this at the Milton Keynes meetings.

There is a £12 meeting fee, please book into the meeting and bring cash on the day.